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Martin Jickain denies wife’s allegations

Martin Jickain is in the news lately, after publicly admitting that he and his Quezon City councilor-wife of 1 year and 7 months have separated. Apparently, his wife [with one-year old daughter in tow] left the rented family home, due to Martin’s “womanizing.” Martin, who had a pet shop business in Ever Gotesco [now closed], denied the allegations but is still mum on the real reason for the separation. His wife has filed a Petition for Permanent Protection Order with a Quezon City court because Martin “might harm her.”
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  1. NOW THIS GUY IS A JEWEL. and i noticed he is into bedroom “games” (LOL). come in to my parlour my darling. your wish is my command. arrf! arrf! delicioso.

  2. good thing you got your good sense back and splitted off from that lard-bag. share the wealth aiko. you’ve had him for more than a year now.LOL

  3. “one woman’s loss is a BIG gain for the bading world”. attention all predacious matrona hawks, one G.L. pinoy chicken on the loose. first come, first served.

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