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Winner, Too

Last weekend, 22-year-old Cedric Evan Vergonia was proclaimed as the winner of the Body Shots x 2013 Model Search. The 5’10-tall student of BS Entrepreneurship at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines [PUP] bested thirteen other hopefuls and model wannabes for the prized slot.
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  1. Confirmed: Ronjay Buenafe, formerly of Ateneo is the “Father Pimp” of all ! Thats why!!! Ronjay is guy to go to if you want all these basketball players!!

  2. Juice koh, yan na ba ang resulta ng Body Shots ek-ek ngayon? Anyare? Nasan na ang mga kagaya ng pene star na si Michael Alfers AKA Franco Madrigal? Yummy!

  3. Tungena! Ced ikaw pala nanalo eh! Di ka nanamin mabblowjob ni jets! Naks naman!!!!

    PS di pa sya 22. 21 lang yan

  4. Shocks! Akala ko naman Cedric Javier hehe. Anybody knows where is Cedric Javier now? Sya kasi ang bugaloo ko sa mga artista at models at basketball players. Biglang nawala ang loko.

  5. Anonymous said…
    Thats what i said….. Eerrrr!!!! Brain….

    — Errrrrrr, where is your comment? Errrrrrrrrr, you certain “that is what you said”? Errrrrrrr, your brain seems to giving you a a speech impediment! Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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