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Bikini Summer

Summer is definitely here as bikini contests are now all over town – from strip malls to resorts, sleazy joints to theater venues. This season is good enough reason to stage contests to ogle at able and willing men in their teenie-weenie bikinis. Since there has been a decline in the number of men wearing budgie smugglers for the past few years – as men’s swimwear has evolved into the long board shorts, bikini open contests remind cute boys that scanty is the way to go. Contest veterans Arbie Silva [left] and Charles Rivales show us how.
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  1. Both are cute however I do have a penchant for guys who resemble Charles. Plus the red trunks with gold chain trimmings sealed the deal for me — reminds me of Christmas. Hopefully I get a gift like him soon 🙂

  2. Titi contest time na naman, ang winners…mga baklang handlers, managers…at daming opm, mga yan,hehehe peace.

  3. I think sa Splash Island ito. Nakita ko sila noon sa isang contest in Splash. Makinis nga yung Charles! Sobra!

  4. ang sarap ni charles. charles, ibigay ko sa iyo ang lahat para akin ka lang. RD, naka tatlong beses na ako at gusto ko pa.. oooohhh charles.. be mine…

  5. Gustong gusto ko si Arbie dati kaso nag iinarte na ngayon feelingero! Sayang malaki pa naman burat nya!

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