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Dear Humidity

The summer heat’s killing me, actually. I just wish the rains are here. Or maybe I can just dunk myself in a tub full of ice. Like what Andrew Wolff is doing. The semi-retired model and actor has lately been out of the scene, as he’s busy with his rugby team and, of course, Boracay sorties. Catch him shirtless on the beach this summer. He’s still hot!
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  1. RD.. ang husay mo naman magsecure ng mga unique pics. Andrew is still hot!!! Bow talaga ako sa iyo. Dyosa!! pa post naman ng mga dates and locations ng bikini contest na alam mo at gagawin sa ibat ibat lugar.. Please.. Thanks

  2. I hope he comes back as a model ng Bench briefs. ampapanget na ng mga models ng Bench ngayun di gaya dati.

  3. parang tanga lang, diba dyan yung part ng cr kung saan nililinis yung mop? haha

    oh well kahit saan pwede gawin… SHOW IT ALL na RD!

  4. supot kayo ng supot dyan pero pag nakita niyo na yungbuo kahit na supot gusto niyo naman isubo at hadahin mga baklitang ito. kahit na anong mangyari titi pa rin yan ni andrew wolfe

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