Hot Men in the Philippines

Jheem Beams


Yeah, he woke up that way. Unkempt out-of-bed  hair, sleepy puppy-dog eyes, and of course, the tighty whities with the morning wood.  This is bikini boy Jheem Kazumi, fresh from his dirty, sexy dreams last night.

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  1. hes small in height at 5’2, i think and his tool, it did hurt. but his muscles are great. you can feel it.

  2. Ah share q ln po, eto un dati allergic s mga gays, suplado effect, tapos ang ending: pabooking din pla!

  3. Bakit may bad experience ka ba sa kanya before??? Well yes pabook sya at puchung pabook yan sa laguna nagkakatawan lang at nag bikini open… Nakilala at nahiya ng pumatol sa puchung beki….

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