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The king of bikini contests is arguably Allen Molina. His derring-do on stage is one for the books. Butt, gouch and lots of uncovered skin make him the winner in almost all of the competitions in town [and out of town]. What prompted him to do such acts is anyone’s wild guess, as he could have gone the easy path to showbiz cutesy-ness with his charming boyish face and hot bod. 
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  1. ang yummy bakat sarap isubo, tang*inaaa
    sarap kantutin, pagnakatot ko sya pde nko mamatay bukas, sex tayo, anyhow frm caloocan ( 09286377517 )

  2. ngaun pa lang kc nagka-porma katawan ni allen. having said that, yummy na cia kya dapat level up na cia. tama na yang bikini contests. ibuyangyang na ang dapat ibuyangyang sa indie films. at pag suerte ka, maka-cross ka sa mainstream entertainment tulad ni coco martin. o ano, allen kong mahal, burat mo na nakakahangal, go na!

  3. ehe nkita q xa 1 tym s pageant kelan lang…d aman ganun kagwapo, malaki bukol pero pangit ang lakad…parang me hadhad ang lakad hayun natalo…my videos pa q s cp til now d q binubura sarap pagjakulan eh ehe


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