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One of the basic rules in bikini competitions is “Do not stuff your bikinis!” Some contestants, however, still do the subtle dick-enhancing stuff. However, if the padding gets too obvious like a synthetic testicular elephantiasis or balanitis, then the contestant commits a mortal sin in his earthly existence among own bikini-wearing kindred. Like this one. One long schlong that looks like polyvinyl chloride or silicone. Or maybe cyberskin.
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  1. naku ha, kung makapamintas kayong mga bakla e parang mga naggagandahan kayo.baka nakalimutan nio: pera lang ang habol sa inyo ng mga lalake. ang aarte nio ha.mukha naman kayong mga buni!

  2. The guy looks fine…atractive, tall,and has a nice bod. For those who said AJ is “chaka” try looking in the mirror and see if the one staring back at you looks better. I doubt it.

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