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These are the sixteen [16] official contestants of the Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 4. If you look closely there are some diamonds in the rough out there – fine bods, nice skin and beautiful faces. To root for your choice, you may want to stamp the date on your calendar – 25 April 2009 [Saturday] at the Techno Wave Bar in Il Terrazo along Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City. If you ask me, I’m going for the taller guys, e.g. Gamac, AJ, Clark and Ernest.
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  1. its good to be the first to post a blog in here. anyway, dunno what to say, wish im there in pinas to watch these guys. im just hoping RD could post further revealing shots. seems kinda lame but i do appreciate though.

  2. Ang yummy nilang lahat. Pinakayummy yung gay na pink ang utong. Surely ito ang pinakagamit ng mga bading sa grupo.

  3. kids no. 2, 3 and 4 from the left side much better looking than the rest of the group, bit you #2 will win if he has a brain. “YOUR MAMA MUST BE SO PROUD OF YOU”

  4. lemme see:

    in upper foto, i like the guy in orange undies, 5th from left..very chinito and what a swelling he has down there..

    in lower foto, i like the guys 5th, 6th, and 7th from left. sooo sexy! i wanna meet them all. campbell and ona (5th and 7th from left) seem to be BIGGGGG!

    yup, i will watch the show and meet the guys i mentioned.

    happy easter!

  5. di ako maarte at mapili, pero pag bikini contest my expectations are higher and disappointed ako sa batch na ito. mga 2-3 lang talaga yung masasabi kong gwapo. the rest boundaried on being a hipon to just ordinary. wala rin nung talagang well toned ang body. well. at any rate, pagfifiestahan pa rin ito ng mga bading.

  6. i agree anonymous April 12, 2009
    10:47 am
    ako nga isa lang type ko
    si AJ ONA ba yon ? yung boyish look
    thats all.

  7. in upper foto, i like the guy in orange undies, 5th from left..

    thats jimwell bondoc. he is really cute & gifted pa. tambay lang yan sa morayta lage. super yummy & affordable pa. hehehe

  8. hmmm… parang puro rough ata, no diamonds at all. parang kong sumisilip sa aquarium sa mga cheapy cheapy massage parlors jan. hahaha

  9. kei naman ang finalists but i think the one in blue trunks ang the best looking, yummy, body tone, texture ng skin, lalake. sarap tingnan ng naka blue trunks. kaya lang bat tinakpan ang nota. lumabas kaya sa laki. pachupa!!!

  10. guy in blue said: hey man, your willy is too close to mine. guy in red said: I dont mind if you go down on your knees right now, bald guy said: which of this guys I can take home to my mama tonight? guy in white undie said to guy with red undie: come closer to me so i can feel your boner between my bumps! Lol……

  11. hmmm…I like some guys in 2nd pic and worth watching them naked too, hehehe….no.5 and no.6 & 7 from left. fresh and mukhang lovable in every angle!

  12. mga sister

    Please share info naman, sino ang 2 guys na natikman mo? Pls email me

    nakatulong ka na sa federasyon, natulungan mo din ang financial needs ng mga batang ito hehe

    any one here who have contacts sa mga lalaki? kahit mga ganitong level lang, ika nga ng ibang bloggers dito parang masseurs, okey lang sa akin, ika nga beggars cannot be choosers

  13. Ung pangalawa from left sa upper pic Hes really cute even in person kasi nkikita ko xa sa abscbn elj bldg….minsan sa reception area minsan sa Fitness first i really like him

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