Hot Men in the Philippines


The guy with the hairless pits is Willord Tacay, a 20-year-old hopeful from Baguio City. He’s a regular contestant in Baguio’s male personality contests, plus he gets to go around the region’s town fiestas for the bikini contests. Now, he’s in Manila to try his luck. With a fresh face and finely sculpted bod like that, I’m pretty sure Willord will go far in the scene.
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  1. ang puti nga ng kili kili, parang di armpit ng lalake. dapat kunin to na model ng mga whitening cream or underarm deodorant. hahaha.

  2. Ang puti naman ng kilikili nito. Hahaha kakaaliw! Sarap halikan siguro yan lalo na pag pawis pawis yumm!

  3. pakinisan ata ang laban sa mga posts ni rd lately.

    to barefoot: you mean, di na badingerz si audie? hahaha….thank you so much…you made my day!

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