Abel Jimeno gets moody

Abel Jimeno doesn’t look happy in those images above. Nevertheless, he still looks sexy in  tiny briefs. Abel Jimeno was first runner-up in the recently-concluded Mr. Sexy Body 2008 sponsored by Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. The 22-year-old Mapua Institute of Technology student [taking up Mechanical Engineering] is also a bikini contest regular. He was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Tabaco, Albay.

9 thoughts on “Abel Jimeno gets moody”

  1. I love guys with thick lips! At siyempre hard dicks. Hehehe.

    The notes just keep on tinkling on this site…hehehe.

    Ang galing mag-“organ” ni RD. Hihi

  2. lagi ko syang nakikita sa school. mas cute and sobrang HOT nya in person kaysa sa mga pics. i cant help but imagine him with his sexy pics kung nasa harap ko sya. he seems nice.

  3. Katutubo? Malay nyo, baka ganyan ang fez ni Lapu-Lapu, you know, yung chumugi sa dayuhang si Fernando Magallanes.

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