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Body Shots: Harold Oide

Fresh-looking Harold Oide is one of the contestants in this year’s edition of Body Shots, a modeling competition sponsored by the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines [FDAP]. The 20-year-old native of Baguio City is hopeful that he’ll get one of the top prizes in the contest, just like what he achieved in last year’s Ginoong Pilipinas [He was named Ginoong Pilipinas – Tourism 2007]. Images above were from his Ginoo days, where he covered himself up in gold paint and danced in the talent competition.
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  1. i like harold since his first feature in here. he looks yummy and i like his eyes and lips, which don’t seem to be the same as in his pageant photos.

  2. lapit na ang ginoong pilipinas ..bakit la pa akong nakikitang pix ng mga contestants???? anu yun tinatago pa ba??? rd..please feature mo naman mga contestants ng g.pilipinas ’08 if you have them…please…thanks!!

  3. i bet, kalabit singit, mas kamangha-mangha si papa harold this time around sa bodyshots — the tilt being a couple of notches above ginoong pilipinas. da proportions of his bah-deeee is what makes papa h. so, so much of a hottieeee. san ba ang linya ng fans club? LOL

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