Brimful of Justin Royce Dizon

Yeah, Mr. Big’s name is Justin Royce Dizon. Of course, you noticed it too, huh? A chock-full of surprises maybe underneath the speedos? Plus he is cute. He is 19 years old, a student and he is 5’8.5″-tall. Not bad, eh? Justin was last seen as a contestant at the Face of the Year contest, held a few months back. Although he did not win the top prize, he sure got the attention of the talent agents [and the happy audience] that night. With the onset of summer and the bikini contests that come with it, expect to see more of Mr. Big !

15 thoughts on “Brimful of Justin Royce Dizon”

  1. ang aga aga e nanginig ang kalamnan ko sa batang to…ang sarap mong kainin sa almusal, justine..hays, magkakasala na naman ang kamay ko, dyos ko..tumetelag na nga ang akin e…ahh, justin, saan kita hahanapin?

  2. wow!!!! konting buhat lang para magkalaman ang chest…sarap naman ng bukol nya!!!!!may iba ka pa bang pix nya pd???? post mo plezzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

  3. tagal na yata walang dick-a-day rd???? sana sya feature mo na series ng dick-a -day plzzzzzzzzzz!!! thanks!!!

  4. justin dizon from quezon city is the winner in the last year’s ISTILO MODELO FACE & BODY SEARCH 08’in subic together with the Miss Fitrum 1st runner up Kim De Guzman from olongapo,wer in jackie rice 1st win way back 2005 see he’s pick in

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