Hot Men in the Philippines


Do you like feet? Somehow I never got to post anything about men’s feet to pander to foot lovers out there. And so, I give you feet! Well, actually an image of a foot, together with bikini open veteran Anton Gomez. Maybe next time we can do butt. Or scrotum.
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  1. type ko siya – d maitim ang bayag hehehe. right muscles. kamukha siya ng pantasya kong pinsan way way back (pero wala namang incest)

  2. ang sexy ng feet ni anton gomez, ang sarap sarap dilaan, oh! anton i wanna lick your ass, feet and cock! ang sarap mo pare! yummy ng tarugo mo pare!pati na paa mo at kili kili mo pare! pinapanaginipan kita pare! niroromansa kita pare! buong katawan mo pare! kinakantot mo ako pare! ang sarap sarap mong kumantot pare! sige pare! huwag kang tumigil kumantot!

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