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Contestant no. 5 is R-Jay Basbas from Las Pinas City. He’s a student at the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA where he’s reportedly a varsity player. R-Jay is now into joining bikini competitions, too, when there’s no school. Recently, he was one of the finalists of Heatwave: The Summer Bikini Showdown held a month ago.
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  1. Pero Melanie
    pag masyado namang mabuhok
    doesn’t it get in the way?
    it looks nice visually
    kaya lang when you get to the nitty-gritty of it
    nakakalunok ako ng buhok
    don’t tell me hindi pa nangyari sa yo yon?
    hazard of the trade?

  2. Hahaha… Nakakaloka ka Froglita. Mas bet ko lang kapag may konting hair around the bikini. Wiz ko bet mga ahit pero kung yun ang nakahain, tatanggi pa ba me???

  3. Yummy naman ng chinitong ito! Ganda katawan at ang kinis! maumbok pa haaay! rd you are always teasing us!

  4. taga Perpetual Calamba ito. Naglalaro sa basketball. may appeal nga sya. Makinis. Crush ng bayan sa amin.

  5. Facts about RJ:
    Reginald Jay “RJ” Basbas is from Sta Rosa City, Laguna not from Las Pinas City. He graduated from Perpetual Binan and not from Perpetual Dalta. When he was younger, he was a part of a group who imitates F4, part of that group were Dick Onquillo and Paolo Serrano, who were both members of the now defunct Viva Hotmen. Indeed, RJ could have made it big had he joined the bandwagon, but his religious stand (adventist) kept him from doing so. His love for basketball made him as one of Laguna’s amateur basketball league’s best. A very nice guy, who wants things simple, you can’t dare think bad about him once you get to know him. I had the opportunity to handle him during Heatwave, one of the few he joined. To date, no plans of pursuing bikini landia. But you can catch him though, at any courts his team is playing here in Laguna.

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