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Ian Porlayagan will fly again

I’m not betting on the title of the post but that’s how it goes. Ian Leonel Porlayagan will soar again after two dramatic losses in the recent competitions he joined – Body Shots 2008 and the Mr. International-Philippines 2008 search. The last one, Mr. International, was most heartbreaking for the 23-year-old farmer from Nueva Ecija. Last year, he won the Mr. Philippines-International title, only to find out later on that said contest was bogus and had no sanction from the international franchise holders. So, Mr. Porlayagan had to try his luck again at the recently-concluded contest only to end up losing the title to someone. I’m pretty sure – this one, I’m not making up – he will come back to jolt and blow us all in the coming weeks [or months] with a radical career move that he just made. Will this red-hot man shock us up front soon?
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  1. he’s not getting any younger! i think he must change his ways in dealing with people in the industry that he wants, the question with him is , he thinks that made na made na sya kaya hayun ,may star complex pa kaya na paglalaruan dahil madaling mapaikot at mabola.

    he needs somebody who will be sincere and honest in honing him to a brighter and greener career!

  2. may star complex eh class b na class B nga ang dating?! hahahahaha.

    ano nman kayang career move? gay indie movie i bet, ang typical fallback ng mga desperahdong starlets these days.

  3. ian has an attitude problem…he’s so unprofessional towards his work. many big names already tried to handle him but eventually lost interest when didn’t show up in the jobs he was booked for. so there, mapapahamak lang ang pangalan ng sinumang hahawak dito.

  4. talking about cedric, tutulugan ka lang nyan pagpasok sa rum. then papahilot hilot himas himas. maliit lang ang kargada, medyo may amoy nga talaga. nag iinarte kunware nasasarapan.

  5. mukhang pera ang taong ito.nakarma tuloy sya sa hindi nya pagkapanalo sa mr international philippines 2008…may attitude problem din kasi ito eh.

    goodluck na lang kung may pupuntahan ka pa…

  6. ….. back in ginoong nueva ecija, may attitude problem na tong taong to…. walang finess at breeding kung kumilos… thats why i was so surprise when he initially won the mr. international, 2nd runner p nga lang to sa ginoong nueva ecija eh…. saka gaspang ng face, lagi pang oily…walang star complex…haaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

  7. ipost mo rin kaya rd ang picture mo dito at tingnan natin kung ano ang mga magiging comment sau para maramdaman mo rin kung paano ka laitlaitin ng mga taong ni anino di mo nakikita o nakikilala

    dare lang rd, for a change at para malaman natin kung gaano ka katapang at kung gaano ka rin kaganda o di ba!

  8. how will he fly again aside from his bad attitude magnanakaw din sya kinukuha nya lahat ng underwear and swimwear sa mga pagent after the shoot or event ang katangahan nya he wears this swimwear or underwear sa mga succeding events kaya nakikita ng staff na kinuha nya yoong mga items. he couldn’t even accept the fact that jobo beat him in the recent bodyshots contest he should realize na initially hindi sya official candidate hindi din sya official backup nun meron lang nagbackout na backup saka lang sya considered

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