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Jay Santos Cooling

This is the other Jay Santos who’s equally cute and hunky as the Singapore-based Jay Santos. He graduated last year from the Our Lady of Fatima University in Valenzuela, M.M.  with a Nursing degree.  While in school, the 5’10”-tall Jay Santos did the rounds of bikini contests in the city. However, he’ll be sorely missed in this season’s competitions as he is reportedly based now in California as a nurse.   
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  1. ngiii… kala ko chumaka na ang singapore based jay santos, yun pala ibang jay santos itich. hihihi. well, pwede na rin itich kung gutom na gutom na talaga.

  2. equally cute?! haller naman RD, yung singapore based Jay Santos is waaaaaaaaaay cuter than this california based one

  3. sa Fatima sya yung bakat ang uniform, e ang ganda ng katawan pa nya noon kaya mukhang yummy talaga. nasa california na pla sya. haaays.

  4. He is a nice guy nakilala ko noong students pa kami. Makinis ang balat at laging mabango sa school yan nun.

  5. Saan kaya siya California? Paramdam ka naman? LA ba? San Francisco? San Diego? San Jose? Oakland? Sacramento? Monterey? Stockton?
    Hinti, hint, hint naman jan?
    Mama Ruben

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