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Sleep is a luxury.

Finally, the week’s over! The looong weekend is here. I’m planning to get more sleep. I read somewhere that when you do not get enough sleep on a regular basis, your body attempts to both preserve and replenish its stores of energy until adequate sleep has been achieved. The result would be a higher rate of weight gain, reduced motivation to exercise, and a reduction in the benefits that accrued from previous exercising. That is a real bummer! So here’s to more sleep this weekend! [Jeff Luna is sleeping.]
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  1. RD korak k dyan! ako since las week pa masakit at parang gumagalaw mga veins ko sa ulo yun pala start na ng migraine ito kasi insomniac ako kaya niresetahan ako ng duktor ng ibuprofen at tranquilizer…pero mas masarap na tranquilizer itong si jeff, isang tusok lang nya sa kin…2log ako kagad! echos!

    btw, pa-plug na rin po kuya RD…mga ladies & ladies, don’t fail to visit my blog after visiting RD’s. ang blog ko po ay tungkol naman sa mga kaek-ekan ko sa Thailand at Myanmar. here’s the site: or i-click nyo lang po yung name ko sa itaas. thanx!

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