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The Bubble Bunda

Bunda means bottom, of Brazilian Portuguese origin. Did you know that “bubble butt” has at least two connotations, which are at odds with each other: it is either a small, round and firm pair of buttocks resembling a pair of soap bubbles next to each other, or a large rear end, seemingly about to burst from the strain. In both cases, the term implies an appealing shapeliness about the buttocks. The guy showing his butt off above is Mark James de la Cerna, one-time model of underwear and swimwear.
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  1. HARRY pa rin ako sa pagandahan ng ass…but wait, his ballsy foto is gone! (sob, sob, sob). WHAT THE F**K HAPPENED RD? buti na lang na print ko before it went off the net…i like more the expression ‘candy ass’ than bubble butt. it denotes something lickable akin to cherry lolly. and that is SWEET HARRY!

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