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Will’s new look

Fearless singer-actor Will Sandejas is sporting a new look this summer – mischievous in a crop. The star of such gay flicks as Sikil and Oliver recently won the top prize [along with Dexter Castro] at the Metrobodies 2009 Search for Model of the Year sponsored by Metro Bar in West Avenue, Quezon City. Will is also a guest performer at the grand finals of the Super Bodies Bikini Open Year 4 on 25 Aprl 2009 at the Techno Wave Bar, Il Terrazo along Tomas Morato Ave, Quezon City.
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  1. hay! hndi ko talaga kailanman nagustohan itong si will…

    parang wala lang

    siguro malaki lang ung alaga niya kaya sya napasok sa industriyang ito

  2. He looks waaaayyy better wth this haricut! Seriously, I didn’t even liked him before but now, I have been coverted. He’s HOT!

  3. RD, more info please regarding the show. What time and how much is the ticket? I have never been to this bar and any info will be great. Thanks.

  4. Will Sandejas: Looks good, smells horrendous down there…. Stay away, please! Yikessss!!!!! RD, I hope Will and his handler get to read this because a bad smell is a major turn-off, especially if you charge so highly when you do tricks.

  5. hoy, baklang nagpost sa dating number ni wil! di ka siguro pinagbigyan kaya gusto mo sirain buhay nya. Sori, bago na no. nya.

  6. Regarding post of anonymous 652- yes it is true, it smells bad down there, even after taking a shower, i have posted this before just so you wont waste yoiur money, i paid 5 K, nothing happened, turned off ako, and also my gaydar is sensing something

  7. Finally, someone is generous enough to share his number! Kudos to you! I can’t wait to get in touch with him!

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