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A big and strong man

Mau1 Maui2And we can only gaze in awe at Mauro Lumba‘s fine physique. He’s sweating it out under the hot summer sun and I can just smell the testosterone, the strong manly scent coming from the recesses and crevices of his flesh. Mauro teases and pleases and he knows it.

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  1. yes rd, i really gazed in awe at his fine physique! he’ s oozing with so much testosterone! i just wanna lick and suck his cock all day!

  2. Mauro’s oozing with hotness! He defines perfection! I wonder if his dick is perfect too, because I wanna suck it too!
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  3. He does sooooooooo well! Kaya he is one of Mama Rey Pamaran’s favorite boys. He has a friend, conyo and young, si Mike Noble. Yun mas refined and guapo kesa kay Mauro.

    1. gagah, si muro lumba nga yan. magbasa ng mabuti. wag sabihing typo error at di bagay sayo ang naagkakatypo error lang.

  4. Nakuha na din ni Mama Rhey yan! Tumira sa condo nya sa Serendra for a while. Swerte ni Mama Rhey ha!

  5. Ikaw na mama rey ang reyna! Wala ng tatalo sa kagandahan mo! Lahat ng guapo at machong lalaki sa pilipinas na sau na! Magtira ka naman sa amin! Ibalato mo na samin c mauro lumba!

  6. swerte ni mama rey nachupa nya na rin si papa mauro. malaki kaya burat nya? magaling kayang kumantot?

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