A Handsome Man

Thai-Australian model Andrew Throup made waves on the local scene with his TVCs and fashion editorials in town.  I thought that was the reason why you have been requesting for an ID and a feature on him lately. It turns out, and let me just state this subtly with the deep dark web as a background: this is one image that you get to see him with his undergarments on.

54 thoughts on “A Handsome Man”

  1. nice boyish good fce, hot body and nice huge tool. i saw the vid. sobrang sarap nya, sa vid pa lang. yes that is Andrew

  2. I’ve been searching for his video. Can anybody share a link? Or send it to me? Appreciate it.


  3. Yes it was him. Just don’t know if he was showing it off to a girl or happily to a guy or gay for that matter. Just the same, he’s friggin’ hot!!

  4. I saw na the video hahaha tyagain nyo mga beks it’s in pone of those anonymous Brazilian wank vids sa xtube

  5. Andrew, mother kepler Inah’s tongue ring will give you a tickle-pleasure sensation when I lick you all over Andrew. Ano pa hinihintay mo, dali!

        1. Ang ahas ay takot sa kapwa ahas! Kaya kung ikaw yung tipong ahas na maliit. Kakainin ka ng buong buo ng mas malaking ahas. Tandaan mo Inah Evans kung matino lang yang mga pasulat mo sa site na ito hindi ks maiinsulto ng ganyan ng mga sumusubaybay din sa mga post ni Sir Rd.

      1. Correct ka diyan! Mataas ang uri nito parang ginto, hindi papatol sa basahan na binalot sa ginto. Cheap lika yu p-/?*a. Inah!

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