The buzz is that these two boys are doing it! Tongues are wagging in showbiz circles about Mark Bautista and Benjamin Alves, an unlikely pair. But this is crazy showbiz, and anything goes. Benjamin is reeling off from a sudden breakup with a girlfriend of two years. Mark’s under the radar, doing shows here and there. The world is made for love, and if these boys are really hitting it off well, then we are happy.

50 thoughts on “Aaaannd….”

  1. Ben has always been adventurous with his sexuality. At mind you malibog din to at may kalakihan din ang burat. Walang masama if they try it at magkantutan nang magkantutan. Two responsible adults. Hayaang lumigaya sa mga burat at butas ng isat isa at magkantutan hanggang gusto nila

    1. Gaga hindi naman intention ni rd na palabasin na magkasama sila sa picture,ang ginawa ni rd ay pinag crop nya ang dalawang pictures para makita silang dalawa sa isang picture , naintindihan mo ba ang detalyadong proseso ng cropping of images?

  2. Mga boba! Photoshopped talaga to! Kahit bata kayang i-identify na photoshopped to! Ginawa lang yan for illustration purposes. Mga mangmang.

  3. weird, kasi Benjamin Alves is the nephew of Piolo Pascual and Mark Bautista is the ex of Piolo Pascual. Coincidence?

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