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Aki tests the waters

So Aki is not only the newest sensation in the modeling world, but he gets offers, financially tempting exclusive offers for tv and the movies, and guess what he does — he just keeps ’em hanging, saying he’s not going to go limitative for anyone or for any studio or company, and instead he elects to go as a free agent, independent of all the dictates [and whims] of the executives who want him to dance half naked for vapid variety shows and act half naked in sappy soaps and clown around half naked in senseless sitcoms, but then again he wants to really do some serious acting  and he’s learning his Filipino at the State U while he gets top billing for all, mostly all of the runway shows, plus he did just one independent movie – sort of testing the waters – as a Brazilian searching for his roots in the Philippines and it’s called Handuman, the meaning of which escapes me at the moment but I’m pretty sure it’s not soft porn.  
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  1. I LOVE YOU AKI! sobra, sayang di kita nakita last saturday sa MOA, he plays jui jitsu, my friend saw him last sat at MOA competing with other guys. My friend said he’s really simple and like an ordinary shopper he queued in for a taxi.

  2. Handumanan means memory or remembrance. It’s a visayan word shared by Cebuano, Boholano, and other Cebuano-based dialect/language.

  3. i love the word “limitative”…its soooo unusual… tnx rd for the vocab lessons and posts…u truly are a wonder and a blessing…

  4. nag aaral sya sa U.P.? bakit ? lumang gimmik na yan , kasi gasgas na sya sa Thailand at Singapore?
    Natikman na sya ng halos lahat ng bading sa Thailand! dito naman sya ngayon magkakalat ng kanyang lagim!

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