Andrew Wolff out of “Nars” movie

The Big Bad Wolff is now out of the digital flick “Nars”, which is a tribute to all nurses and nursing students in the Philippines. Andrew Wolff was originally cast as the male lead in the movie, but he was later replaced by another Fil-British model, Jon Mullally aka Jon Avila of Star Magic. The director of “Nars” is Adolfo Alix, Jr., who also megged the Philippines’ bet to the 2008 Oscars, Donsol. “Nars” is expected to premiere on October 24 at the Philippine Nurses’ Convention.

7 thoughts on “Andrew Wolff out of “Nars” movie”

  1. I would have preferred Andrew over Jon Mullally. Jon is eye candy, but he looks soft, in contrast to Andrew who projects strong masculine appeal that could provide spice to “Nars”,
    another soft, dramatic film.

  2. di vale papa andrew, nobody comes close to being as drool worthy as you. 😉 gawa ka na lang ng scandal, mas higit na ligaya ang babalot sa buong sistah-hood ng pilipinas LOL

  3. if channel 2’s ASAP includes Andrew as one of its cover boys, i will watch the show regularly. just teach him simple dance moves and he will be such a voltage among women and gay audiences.

    soft guys like jon mullaly and victor basa should be out – these guys strut their stuff like pouting prima donnas.

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