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Another One

And another model for the new Bench Body line! Young and fresh, he’s 19-year-old Brazilian model Renan Corbani. I sure hope this is the great start of showcasing underwear models on as-is basis, sans photo manipulation to cover the bumps and blobs. Well, of course, they can do away with the warts, zits, fungi and various skin infestations.
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  1. …..When God created beautiful men…Brazil was on the front seat…kaya na gets nila lahat…walang tapon….he he he..well considering… they also have gotten some hot girls…kaya lang if they are in Brazil, too much competition..if they go out of Brazil..then that’s the time they being noticed….

  2. Ehr when they come to the phils.that means walang pumapansin sa kanila internationally.the islands are like their last you think if they have stellar careers somewhere else they’ll come here?

  3. baka you mean mga reject ng brazil ang napupunta sa pinas, remember kumbaga, mga di nakapasa sa quality control ng brazil bagsak sa ating progresibong bansa

  4. Tama ang comment na natauhan na si Bench. Dapat naman talaga true ang bukol hindi labacara, hindi photoshopped. Besides, it is part of the human body so bakit pinophotoshop. Ipokrita ah.

  5. RD, may mga pinoy models ba at di yung mga bikini open contestants na nakapagpa litrato na rin ng tulad nito? Parang wala pa ata, no?

  6. Anubayan, nakakita lang ng bakat na dayuhan parang mga asong ulol na natakam. Mga bakla na nga ganyan pa asal.

  7. guys always remember this: models just hookers dressed in high fashion clothes. its always a “favor for a favor”…and when u say export or fly in meaning may sponsor esp in brazil =)

  8. Pag ang foreigner is trying to have a go for a career here that means he tried somewhere else and didnt ang mga pinoy madaling masilaw sa mga foreigners so they always end up here.agree mga tita?

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