Arvin Macu is Mr. Sexy Body 2008

Summer came in early last Saturday, 9 February, at the Brick Road, East Wing Carpark of Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, when Arvin Macu won this year’s first bikini open title, Mr. Sexy Body. The annual event sponsored by the mall pitted Arvin, who used the name Andrei Allen during the contest, against 14 other hunks that included Christian Navesis [runner-up], Dave Concepcion, Abel Jimeno, Patrick Rivera and James Ereza. Arvin went home with over P50,000.00 worth of cash, gift certificates and other prizes.

9 thoughts on “Arvin Macu is Mr. Sexy Body 2008”

  1. 30% ang looks, according sa criteria ng mga judges. He’s not even good-looking! He’s also missing a tooth. Even if he has the body, kulang pa rin yun to compensate sa looks nya. May ibang mas deserving.

  2. “He’s also missing a tooth” or he has a missing tooth? Lab ba nya ngipin niya? Come on, Sexy Buddy, Arvin’s face isn’t bad-looking. Were you rooting for some guy who lost?

  3. right proportions.. manly looking, not bad at all.. good projections..
    and the audience love him..!!!
    sino ba ang mas deserving..? guys with big tops and skinny legs..?! or pretty faces na kahapon lang nagworkout just to be in the competion..? let your bets join the next competition when they’re ready.. this time it’s Arvin.. the 2008 MR. SEXY BODY..period..!!!

  4. anonymous. tama yung grammar ni sexy buddu na “he’s also missing a tooth”. Gramatically correct yun. so, beofre you start correcting someone else’s english, be careful and double check kasi nakakaiirita basahin yung mga nag dudunung dunungan sa english eh bakla naman.

  5. tama ka…nakakairitang basahin…gumawa na lang kayo ng sariling blog para magpost kayo ng comment…pare pareho lang naman kayong mga bakla…bayot…why not napasama sa finalist or even the winner si josh…common, sexy sya at model…agree mga bakla???

  6. Aray, Anonymous (February 13, 2008 9:11 AM). Ang baba naman ng tingin mo sa mga bakla. Ikaw kaya hindi? Nagalit ka lang sa isang nagpost, nilahat mo na.

  7. High school po ako at hindi ko pa alam ang ibig sabihin ng English na “missing a tooth.” Ano po ibig sabihin nun?

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