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Atilio the hunk

atilio-copyToday’s feature is Peruvian model Atilio La Madrid and his naked ass. Atilio is in town for modeling jobs, and he’s come unprepared: he left his clothes apparently behind. Perhaps, we’ll let it pass, as he’s mercilessly hot as fuck in this photo.

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  1. Seriously? He left his clothes behind…in Peru? How did he get through Immigration?

    Hot as fuck? Fuck, no! He looks like a boring lecture on Human Anatomy 101 – muscle groups, this bone connects to that bone, etc. Maybe for Med students…

  2. kahit mukhang boy next door or medyo bad boy ang dating. mahalaga – kantutin niya ako buong gabi at ubusin niya tamod niya sa puwet ko.

  3. Ang sarap dilaan yung puson tapos umuungol sya habang bumababa yung dila ko papunta sa butas ng etits nya. sarap laplapan sa kanya!

  4. Naka sex ko na siya way back in 2014 sa boracay! Sobrang guapo and he’s a nice guy. Regular lang ang size niya pag soft mga 5 inches then pag erect nasa 7.5-8 inches uncircumcised siya but very clean… I can’t still forget the rough sex na ginawa niya haha he did both vaginal and anal rough fucking. I love it when he speaks Spanish in bed.. πŸ˜‰

    1. Sige lang baklush mag-lusyon ka pa. At regular pa sa’yo yung size niya pag soft mga 5 inches then pag erect nasa 7.5-8 inches ha?

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