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If this is mid-life social media crisis, then we gladly want him to stay that way: naked all the time. Troy Montero has been bulge-pimping these days in his accounts, but this one takes the cake. He’s showing off skin, lots of skin in a public pool under the hot summer sun. Who are we to complain?

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    1. Wala bang nagbabackground check sa century tuna? Juice colored eh adik adik yang si Lola Adrales. Not exactly what i would call healthy living!

  1. It’s technically a private pool from one of the villas at The Farm at San Benito.

    Troy has been such a tease for the past year or so with the bulges and the skin. Oh, and those shaved armpits too.

    1. Supot is a very derogatory word. Just say “hindi tuli”. Besides, there’s nothing wrong being uncut. Filipinos are conditioned that being uncut is gross or not man enough, that’s bullshit and stupid. I always read negative comments here about being uncut, but I just don’t say anything. If your preference is cut, don’t make nasty comments about uncut people.

    1. Kasi laos na sila nasanay sila na noong kabataan nila sinasamba at nagkakandarapa mga bekla sa kanila ngayon lipas na sila madami na young and fresh who is willing to show every bulbol they have for fame wala ng pupansin sa mga nalipasan na shock sila na wla na pumapansin sa kanila kaya to make pansin show titi scandal para mapansin …kung me papaain pa sa kanila ..yan nangyari sa mga membro ng the Hunks..atiba pa..

      1. Nope Larie, they have come to a point, where they are already financially able and confident to do what they want to do. It’s their life to enjoy not yours. They are sharing how good life is to them and they live it to the fullest. Internet is how they share how truly blessed they are. I for one appreciate their beauty and confidence and hope everyone appreciate it too, otherwise make your own blog and feature whoever satisfies you. Thanks.

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