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Audacious Albert

albertYou all know Albert Gonzales of the infamous bikini-sock.  He’s exposed all the time, well, except for the episodes in his bikini open life when he’s covering his naughty bits.  Today he’s worth a second look as he displays his body of work.

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    1. Yeah, Albert is a hottie and your very own face happens to be a woman’s bush!


  1. Atleast ito may itsura. Hindi gaya nung Justin Cruz ba yun? Sobrang chaps! Hipon to the maximum levels!

      1. Sa Evangelista Gym along Evangelista sa tabi ng Evangelista Gas Station at Evangelista Car Shop!

        basta, Evangelista! hahahahahahaha

    1. Fake naman yan eh!

      Just coz 2 guys are in the same photo sila na?

      Edi dapat:
      1) Guy taking pic with his pet dog/cat (Bestiality?)

      2) Kris Aquino’s photo with Bimby and Mongo Josh (Incest?)

      3) Etc…

      Stupid ka masyado!

  2. Siya talaga ultimate fantasy ko sa mga bikini oen regulars. Mukhang materiales fuertes. Sana pa-book siya. Haha.

  3. I once watched a bikini show where he is 1 of the contestants.. Before the show started, he was with a group of gay folks and a few other models.. My gaydar went beeping..

  4. Kapitbahay ko sya hindi sya nagsusuot ng briefs sa basketball shorts nya pag bumibili sa tindahan hehehee bakat!!!

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