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On the occasion of the release of the annual Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s centerfolds 2013, here are notable boys and men in the 69 “naughty schoolboys” theme list. Some are awesome. Some are not. Who will “fire up your campus hookup fantasies”? And the awards go to …….

Best Job
[This one’s my favorite in the bunch. 
He’ll clean your pipes]

 You-Oughta-Hit-The-Gym-More Award
[Since you’re planning to be a runway model, too]
 Aren’t-You-A-Tad-Old-To-Be-A-Bachelor-Still? Award
[But you have a hot bod]
Cute Puppy Award
[Heck yeah, the cutest in the bunch!]

Jailbait Award
[Isn’t he adorable?]

You’re-A-Model? Citation
[Maybe this is just a bad angle]

Best In Hair
[Of course]

Most Promising Model

Naughty-Baller-Look Citation
[He’s giving me that vibe!]

Promising-Underwear-Model Award

How’d-You-Get-In-The-List-Again? Award
[No, really.]

Are-You-Sure-You’re-Still-A-Bachelor? Award
[But you’re cute, still]

Sultry Asian Look Award

Big-Things-Come-In-Small-Packages Award
[Shortest in the batch]

Cutest Coach
[He’ll take care of your core training]

Sexy Student Award
[Finally, you’re getting noticed!]

Best Baller
[Hot and ballsy!]

Best Baller, Too
[Remember his last feature here, two years ago?]

Exotic Award
[Looks huge. And Interesting.]

Cute Chinito Award
[He had me at “personal”]

You’ve-Come-A-Long-Long-Way-Baby Award
[You’re in the big league now!]

Cartoon Face Award
[ Igor.]

Beefy Award
[Big boys rock!]

You-Should-Be-Modeling Citation
[Cute student with a lot of promise!]

And the PLU Award? Of course, you know who gets it!

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  1. Kay ken agad ang PLU award? I’m sure marami pang PLU jan sa list of bachelors ng Cosmo noh! Dito pa lang sa post na toh ilang beses nang tumililing ang gaydar ko.

  2. Anton Concepcion and Bryan Cave. OMG! Thanks for the posts RD. Anton has this, “let’s have sex all night” award look. Bryan Cave has this “cuddle after sex, then cuddle again, then sex again” look. Ha ha! Just thinking out of the box RD. But you’re captions are just fine!!! Grabe, those two are smokin’ hot!!!

  3. Daniel Velasco – real hottie na kapatid ni Vince Velasco (nasa cosmo rin this year). Hindi maganda ang kuha sa kanya mas maganda ang ibang pictures niya kita ang abs

    Marco Yulo- kabarkada ni Inigo Dulay na nasa list din. Hotties ang barkada nila sa lsgh.

    Carlo Sunico-single pa siya pero may anak na. Nagsasama pa rin sila ng mother ng anak niya. Hottie din ang brother na si Lui Sunico. Nagjiu jitsu rin yan. Taga La salle.

    Jorge Nicolas-kabarkada ni Vince Velasco. Dating bball player ng lsgh. Medyo hipon.

  4. i saw ds bryan cave sa sampaloc area…matangkad nga xa and hnd ko inexpect na hot xa pag nakahubad…prang xtra xa don sa movie sisterakas, body guard ang role….

  5. RD, how about giving awards to the 10 Celebrity Centerfolds too? For sure, there are already frontrunners for the PLU Award and the How’d-You-Get-In-The-List-Again? Award. Haha!

  6. Seriously, check out Rob Ricafort’s IG. That Cosmo photo didn’t do his body justice. OMG. So many cutie patootie in the world kaya. 2013 is the most disappointing Cosmo bash. I looked forward pa naman to watch.

    1. Im shure nahada na rin ni jonas gaffud yang rob ricafort na yan! Makapagtayo na nga rin ng modelling agency para sagana sa titi hahahahahahahahaha!

  7. The redeeming factors for this year are only my baby Arnold van Opstal ( which I assume, won’t do anything naughty sa bash – baka di pa umattend ) , Vince Velasco, Mike Advincula ( should’ve shown his awesome swimming body + in trunks ) , Vince Ferraren and Sam Adjani. Cosmo should do better next year! Boo

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