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hans210 hans211If you can just put your imagination to salacious mode, then new-in-town Brazilian model  Hans Weiser might just be it for visual pleasure . When I look at this guy, I can smell S-E-X, if you ask me. I see sweat, lots of hair down there. I get a whiff of a strong musky, masculine scent. Blemishes and all, Hans is oozing with real man imperfection and irregularity.

nash1 copyHere in this this site, we do not discriminate. From high-end (-class?) models to bikini open contestants, all is fair in the great underwear carny.  So today, we feature a relative newcomer in the flesh-and-tease contests of late. His name is Nash Ko and I do not even know if that’s his actual name during the day time. What I know though, is that this Nash guy has a lot of promise.

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    1. Di mangyayari yan, BAKLUSH na “Gardo”. If they see you, they’ll kick you in the face and yell, “FUCK OFF, BAKLUSH!”


    1. Kaw nalang i-feature na candidate sa…


      and dubsmashing “TWERK IT LIKE BAYOT!”


  1. Sana pumapatol siya sa chakang katulad ko, madatung naman akech eh! Inggit ang iba diyang mga BAKLUSH sakin! Bwahahaha!

  2. I like both of them. Yung bukol nung Hans Weiser is very “in your face” – and he’s boyishly hot. Sexy din si Nash Ko – definitely excellent FRONT/BACK choices.

    1. Eh paano mo naman nasabi yun? Hindi naman pinakita ang bird. Ah, dahil ba hindi siya circumcised? Nasa tao yan. Kahit na circumcised ka, if you don’t take care of yourself, mabaho ang bird mo. Sana ikaw, hindi ka ganun.

      1. i hate to say but some posters are ignorant maybe because they haven’t tasted a supot yet. the supot can be very thrilling kasi nakatago pa ulo before tumigas. since nakatikim ako ng supot, mas prefer ko na ngayon sila, sa trululo lang mga manas.

  3. I would like to re-align the spine of that Hans Weiner…so cute!

    And Nash Ko, oooh, another cutie. Why is he all naked in a bikini contest…where’s the bikini?

  4. Nash Ko is my sure winner in this front/back presentation! Toned muscles and nice body proportion.

  5. I see Nash at the gym (a large gym chain with a branch located at big mall). He is very attractive in person- clear, smooth skin; decent height (around 5’9); great build with good definition (he’s serious about his workouts so expect his bod to improve); and succulent lips. He also loks very young- he could pass for a 16-year old. Just wish he’d get rid of that bad, red dye-job.

    Thanks for this, RD. It’ll be great to see more of him.

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