I have been sleeping under a pink rock lately, I missed the Anthony and Alexander show. Rather, controversy. The boys figured in a border conflict, mainly Tony (and Alex chimed in) thrusting his weight (and abs) around. Apparently, immigration officers did not take it too well and Tony is now in hot water. If they get deported, we’ll be missing those gorgeous bodies. And then again, character trumps physical beauty, right?

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  1. Si Darren Criss umuuwi sa Pinas no fanfare, ngayon Emmy/Golden Globe winner. Eh etong si untalented na vaklush na si tony – sobrang yabang. DEPORT him!

      1. Teh wala kang pinagkaiba sa mga nagsasabi na he denounced his filipino roots dahil sa article sa vulture. Di ka rin marunong umintindi.

        1. Kayo ang mahina ang comprehension mga gaga! Basahin n’yo yung buong statement n’ya, kahit na he did acknowledge his Filipino blood, conflicting pa rin statement n’ya dahil mas pinapaboran n’ya yung pagiging dominant-looking Caucasian blood n’ya. He did implied na mas advantage sa kanya yun over being mixed-race. May point is, yung pinagmamalaki n’yong Emmy/Golden Globe award winning actor ay may kapintasan din

      2. He did not denounce being a Filipino.

        “Just to clarify- 1 of my favorite things about myself is that I’m half Filipino. PERIOD. I happen to not look like it, but THAT fact is not what I like. I like the fact that most people don’t know it’s an ace up my sleeve, an ace I’m very proud of, regardless of what I look like.”

      3. wag ka masyado magpapaniwala sa tabloid, “allegedly”, mahilig ka rin siguro sa fake news.

        it doesnt matter na anyway, coz in his speech sa golden globes he talked about his filipina mom

      4. bex, may chance na makamatay ang kashungahan, Reading the Article at Nect shark which featured his interview from Vulture, he cleared his statement about him being proud as a half-Filipino…being Filipino is not just looking like one physically and in an obvious case like Darren Cris na he looks less of a Filipino and more of a Causcasian daw e his advantage in his line of work… He’s just being honest dahil nga hindi masyado nabibigyan ng break ang asian looking people in hollywood. Di mo ba nagets yon? kung baga feeling nyae Miski na pinoy sya e swerte sya na hindi sya mukhang pinoy sa linya ng trabaho niya. SHUNGA!

  2. I beg to disagree, Admin. It is, after all, physical beauty (and how social media made it possible to flaunt it sans any sense of responsibility or altruism) that makes all this naughtiness prevalent nowadays. We check in here regularly for FLESH, not character.

      1. Yeah, but once he’s shown his real color, his inner beauty, that trumps his physical beauty, which this Labrusca guy doesn’t have much of.

    1. I think you missed the point. Character in the context of his altercation with the airport officers putting him at risk for deportation is what RD was referring to in this post.

    2. Helo ! Rd is not judging one’s character, he is merlely saying that if indeed this person has some kind of attitude then he is not a beauty inside out.. and also dont be serious when you are here in rd’s page coz we are all just having fun here thank you and bow!

    1. same here. super GGSS. the apple really fell far from the tree this time. anyare kaya dito, e sobrang gwapo ni boom? anlakas naman ng dugo ng nanay!

  3. Bakla dahil nakapose ng ganito at may bestfriend na mahilig din magpkita ng katawan? Arrogant kasi nag rant yung mga “professional” sa immigration? Totoo story ng mga tiga immigration kahit wala naman tayo dun, closed-door meeting between Tony and the immigration supervisor, and di na tayo naghanap pa ng ibang evidence? Ganda pa rin ng ugali nating mga Pinoy. Pang world class.

    1. The fact remains – Tony has been working illegally without proper documentation in the country. He does not hold a Filipino passport and he’s creating a ruckus just because he was given a 30-day tourist visa.

      Oh, and I can hear BIR trying to call IRS.

  4. dyusko! i-deport na itong baklang labrusca na ito. as in never ako na-impress dito sa feelingerong god’s gift to womankind (and gaykind) kuno. feeling GGSS. hindi ko alam, pero si christian bautista ang pumapasok sa isip ko pag nakita ko ito sa TV. wag ninyo akong awayin ha. i have nothing against christian bautista. what i’m trying to say is wala namang wow factor itong tony na ito. all abs and nothing more. pati character walei. i-deport na yan! nalunod na sa baso!

  5. Shit.. Tony is, definitely the bottom here.. What a sight to see Alex barebacking Tony while singing “Tuloy Pa Rin”.. Hahaha.. Saw him sa Greenbelt.. Gwapo naman talaga si Kuya, pero amuy Cucumber Melon talaga.. Hahaha..

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