Hot Men in the Philippines


His star is on the rise, too! Ex-Survivor Philippines hottie Marvin Kiefer is now swamped with work in his home studio, GMA-7. He’s seen most of the time shirtless in his weekend sitcom. In addition, he is gaining quite some street cred with his guest appearances in the station’s shows and soaps. Image above is from the soon-to-be launched GMA Artist Center Black Book [Catalog 2011].
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  1. sobrang gwapo!gusto ko yung ganyang style ng buhok ng isang lalake, hindi kalbo hindi rin masyadong mahaba

  2. You’re the best RD! Sa Mayo pa daw ilalabas ito noh! Ilabas mo na lahat ang GMAAC talents. Sana naka trunks yung Star struck boys! whew!

  3. man he is starting to become hotter and hotter! maturity is starting to set in making him a lot more desirable!

  4. Nice pose, nice pic.

    Silahis daw ito? Natira na din daw ni Aljur ang wetpaks nito (just like Carl Guevarra). Owww.

  5. he is uber class…he should be given lots of projects but he has to train first on acting skills….the buldge says it all….to think he is on pants….yummieee

  6. sa maniwala kau o sa hindi guapo siya ngunit walang appeal sa personal…hes good only in pictorials…compared to john loyd..coco saka bisaya din ako ngunit ang plastik nya.

  7. Napka friendsly nito sa GMA at very kalog and approachable. He will succeed in the business because of his demeanor.

  8. cutiepie!!!!!!! pak!!!!

    sana magactingworkshop sya para naman hindi lang sya pangdisplay!!!!!!!!!! pak!!!!!!!!

  9. gwapo nga ang batang ito pero dapat wag na sya magpapayat kasi payat na payat na sya. dapat hunky tulad ng brother nya!

  10. Oh my gulay! Gwapoooooo! Pang international ang appeal!

    Sana di sya gumaya sa iba na tinotodo pagpapalaki ng muscles. Keep your built!

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