Hot Men in the Philippines


Now that September’s fast approaching, the biennial Bench Body fleshfest is something to look forward to. One of the regulars in the show is hunky Fil-Brit model and occasional actor Jon Hall. The 6′-tall model, who spent his first seven years in Cebu and the next decade in Florida came back to the Philippines with hopes of joining major basketball leagues. However, after talent casters discovered him, Jon has blazed the runway in major ramp shows . He also did two adult movies [Xerex and Sinful Nights].
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  1. walang kupas ang sex appeal nya. i think he is now in late 30s, am i right, pero apaw pa rin ang sex appeal. nakakalibog grabe

  2. syet! my favorite jon hall! ilang beses talaga akong nagjakol sa indie film nyang ” x deal” sarap nyang kumantot, ini imagine ko talaga ako yung girl sa pelikulang yon, napakawild ng romansahan nila! feeling ko parang mawawasak ang pwet ko!

  3. omg! jon hall! grabe sila ni neil etheridge ang pinapangarap kong ka 3some…di bale na kng wasak pwet ko sa laki ng titi nila!

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