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After his Mr. International-Philippines stint, Filipino-Japanese model Jeff Yamanouchi is off to more pursuits in modeling and maybe, show business. The 5’9″-tall cutie, who won Best in Swimwear during the competition, has been in the country for almost a year already. He has appeared in runway shows for the Philippine Fashion Week series. 
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  1. …hmmm his trying to cover his tiny winnie…ha ha ha…I’m sure walang bukol kasi..super small…poor thing sooooo insecure.

  2. anubey i smell something fishy bisugo kayo jan? lakas makapanloko ng promo pics nya sa mister international

  3. chaka ng pag ka japinoy nya im sure pure pinoy yan hahahahah imbento n lng ng handler nya pagiging japinoy nya para pag usapan

  4. para cya un mga nagsuot ng mini-skirts tpos hila ng hila pababa. hindi nalang sana nagpapictorial dun nalang sana siya sa likod ng camera.

  5. I don’t normally post bad comments. More often I even defend those who receive bad comments pero. . .ANG LANSA.

  6. UPSET NA UPSET and mga baklanf parlor at common call center faggot! Nanggagalaiti kce tinakpan nya ang sariling bulge? Potah!

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