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HenrikYou’ll know I’m always playing favorites when I feature dreamboat Henrik Lagoni all the time. This will be the start of playing-favorites days as I share one of his underwear photos. You are most welcome. Forget the usual Bench Body models-actors who couldn’t even hold a candle near our boy: when is Henrik going to get an underwear contract? (Or better yet, lose the clothing altogether?)

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    1. kahit naka-so-en pa yan – basta ganyan ka gwapo PAK!!!!
      Conversely – keri mo ba si Vice pag naka D&G? odibaneh?

      1. Teh,
        Stop your hate.
        He IS a swimming instructor.
        Search search din sa google pag may time

  1. tinitigasan ako pag nakikita ko picture ni Henrik. tangina talaga. bwisit yan. nagiging makasalanan tuloy ako.

  2. iyutin mo naman ako Henrik please! pa chupa naman ng tarugo moo! ang sarap sarap mong brotsahin sa puwet! oh Henrik!

  3. He actually posted an ad in OLX a few weeks ago. You can hire him as a swimming instructor. May kamahalan nga lang. He used to be a swim coach pala back in Denmark.

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