54 thoughts on “Bet”

  1. Daniel is a hottie! I have high hopes that he’ll place in this year Manhunt. For close-up pics check Norman’s blog. You get to appreciate his Pinoy good looks better.

    1. He is same height as Perez/Flormata and Biondo. Refer to launch of Jonas Gaffud’s Empire Group. Biondo is true 5’8″.

    1. You’re right. Next year you’ll be handpicked to represent the Philippines in Manhunt 2018. Better start going to the gym.

    1. Talagang me chance siya comapred to you na hanggang ngayon WALANG CHANCE WHATSOEVER!

      Bitter and Frustrated kapa rin!

  2. Sina Macasaet nga at yung pulis na mukhang dugyot nanalo sa mga ganyan na contests, eto pa kaya na taga DLSU at Am boy?

  3. the face is not super gwapo…but has a well proportioned muscled body and sex appeal…I also heard him talk and he speaks well…obvious na may breeding at class..something na we don’t usually find in our pinoy reps…

  4. Admin, post naman about Vincent Jarina at Ocean. Kawawa, little noise about him. He will finish ahead of Azurin, 26 November in Taiwan.

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