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BFF Matthew

Matthew CustodioSomehow this one slipped under our watchful radar for cute boy-athletes. Eighteen-year-old Matthew Custodio is Kobe‘s best bud, and he’s getting our attention now!  Like his famous friend, Matthew is also an athlete, a member of the under-19 Azkals football team.  He’s also a commercial model sometimes.  Life’s unfair, indeed.

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  1. Kobe is hot pero dapat ma develop muna katawan nya gaya ng BFF Matthew nya! Dapat ganyan body ni Kobs!!

  2. PAG BF KO YAN, lahat ng butas nga katawna nyan sisipsipin ko! Grabe ang hot!!!! Weakness ko mga malilinis na boylets!!!

  3. Sana meron din briefs shot si Kobe and kuya Andre Paras! Hindi na ako mapili maski si Daddy Benjie na din LOL!!!!

  4. Susmaryosep puro ingrown hair ang chest nya, bumabakat pa sa sando. Matuto naman siyang mag-loofah.

  5. Yan ang boylet! Fully developed body na pero 18 pa lang! Sarap nyan! Matamis na parang buko juice pa semilya nyan hahahaha

  6. I love how you mix the sosyal boys here with the sleazy boys! There’s always someone for everyone!

  7. Napamura ako. Shet! Ang yummy niya, RD. Looks so fresh! Tumulo laway ko nang makita ko ‘toh! Ugh. Thanks, RD! <3

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