Big and Furry

Don’t you just love big and tall and furry men on Throwback Thursday? Well, Vince Ferraren is one, except for the furry part because he’s smooth as a baby’s bottom. Vince is one of the more popular models in town. An underwear appearance for this 6’5″-tall cutie is always anticipated, like this photo at last year’s Bench show.

43 thoughts on “Big and Furry”

  1. One of my favorite male models alongside Hideo Muraoka. I can still remember his first appearance in Cosmo. I hope he doesnt allow himself to be exploited by the raging hormones of the old/gay and the not so old/gay capitalists. Oh I love him so!

  2. Anonymous said…

    He should represent the Philippines in the next Mr World contest! Pwd kaya?

    Thursday, 17 October, 2013


    But remind him not to wear that ugly costume or he will not win.

  3. OMG Vinzi-poo! Please go back to the gym, cutey. I can’t see your 6-pack on this pic. Please don’t gain weight. Fashion week is coming up soon and you don’t want to be difficult to look at, love 🙂

  4. Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Matamis tamis tamod ni Vince, kwento ng nakahda na sa kanya back stage

    Thursday, 17 October, 2013


    I should invent a pill that would make a Man’s Semen poisonous when ingested by another Man, but healthy and beautifying when ingested by a Woman. I’ll give them to all the Models and Basketball Players and will tell them it’s the newest health supplement in town. 🙂

  5. he is sooooo nice, very down to earth and most of all, he is not homophobic unlike the other models out there. keep your feet on the ground vincci! i’m loving you more, i’m your closeted co-model. even if i saw everything to you, you still have my respect. mwah!

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