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Big Break

Well whaddya know: it’s cute boy Jovic Susim in the recent Bench Universe auditions [go-see]. He looks mighty fresh in dem pair of briefs. Here’s hoping this Big Brother alum will ham it up on show night in skimpier underwear. This 19-year-old, 6’1″-tall cutie has appeared in countless TVCs and appearances in some tv shows.
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  1. pinoy na pinoy. ang guapo! the bulge is ok. natural na natural. loved him since his pbb teens days. 🙂

  2. he kinda reminds of young eric fructuoso…maybe it’s his thick eyebrows..but of course he looks much better than eric..

  3. sarap ni jovic! feeling ko hindi to pumatol sa mga bakulaw na mga baklang execs kasi hindi binigyan ng break sa tv shows

  4. wow… Mukang masarap siya! Ingat lang baka malaspag ni lola bc! Haha… So natural! very delicious!

  5. fresh nga eh parang tsismis nga lang na may etits sya. WALANG BUKOL! kaloka. ang laki pa naman nya pero flat na flat. maski nung naka-gray na basang swimming trunks siya sa wansapanataym episode ni paulo avelino, walang kabakat-bakat. imbey.

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