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Bim Cecilio quitting modeling for good?

Twenty-six year old Cherubim Tito “Bim” Cecilio, who is one of Manila’s top male mods, is apparently chucking his runway and ad career in favor of a business venture in his native Albay province. Details are sketchy, but the 5’10”-tall stunning model has lately been nowhere within the klieg and footlights of Manila’s fashion world. He will be sorely missed then, as Bim was one of the very few Filipino male models who are professionals and well-educated.
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  1. Shame! Like Hermann, perhaps he’ll venture back to the metropolis when he gets “better” deals!

    Shame that I never had the chance to meet either of them in person.

  2. just had some naughty fun with bim three days ago.met him up in shangrila and then went straight to my pad.he’s working in a real estate in ortigas,not in albay.and he hasnt quit modeling yet.

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