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Bird Boy Too

I nearly forgot, Fabinho Ide is in the Cosmo list, too. While his Nippo-Brasileiro contemporaries have landed the nude-in-the-magazine gig a year ago, this is the first time that Fabio‘s baring for the girly pulp. He is playing coy, however, as he still refuses [as in most of his photos] to don tight ‘kinis and show his wares.
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  1. fabio is the hottest among the bird boy due to that scarf taht leaves you wondering… what if I have elemental super power.. AIR would definitely be a necessity in this photo. damn hot!

  2. i really love fabio nakakatuwa siya tawa lang siya ng tawa sa “comedy bar” with eugene and allan k…he is so cute and adorable…

  3. ang pinaka hinihintay ko na cosmo centerfold eh ung kay carl guevara super yummy im sure for days natin pag nanasahan yun!! ilabas mo na rd!!

  4. Yum yum yum! I love the way he is being packaged by GMA. Lalo na sa Comedy Bar, just can’t help getting turned on by his boyish/comic ways. Pag ganyan ang kasama ko araw araw, wala na kong hahanapin pang iba! Hubby material siya para sa akin.

  5. dito nawe-wendang si aljur. pag si fabio na, lumalabas naturally pagka baklita nya. panay sopsop ni aljur at nagpapatira pa siya pag si fabio. totoo yung balita na nahuli sila naglalaplapan sa caru ni aljur sa gma parking area.

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