Body Beautiful

He may not have dazzled us with his acting career, short-lived and uneventful in showbiz circles, but Tanner Mata has found his mark in the underwear business. The 24-year-old reality show discovery is wowin’ in his Avon undies as one of the company’s endorsers.  How about a micro mesh g-string thong soon?

60 thoughts on “Body Beautiful”

    1. Non Sequitur brother!. . Ang dami kong kakilala na taller than 6′, PBA pa ang iba at mestiso din, pero not even more than 5″. . Yun lang!! 😀

  1. Meron itong candid shot sa PBB na nakashorts galing ng pool. Grabe ang laki talaga. Ang sarap upuan na para akong hinete ng kabayo habang lupaypay na siya sa sarap. Hahaha.

  2. He’s hooooot! He’s still warming up re acting & showbiz but let’s wait because with that face and body, he is sooooo worth watching

  3. his sexy body doesnt go with his cute face.. everytime is see pics of him para syang pet dog na retriever sa pagka cute at amo

  4. Finding jowa yung top sana, tapos jock, by the way I’m 18yrs old moreno chinito 5’7 height baka naman dito ko maghanap jowa ko hahahaha bisexual ako tapos manly

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