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Tobias Tiangco, Joshua Carlo Padilla, Anthony Wahl

Jeong Yun Ho. Jacob Alava, Igorot dude who can afford Gold’s Gym

Drop the doughnuts! Tomorrow’s the grand finals of the Gold’s Gym Bodycon, an annual fitness fest for the fittest! These are the notable guys of the competition, each one with a story to tell and two, some interesting images and videos to show (don’t be lazy just search in the worldwide web). I digress. Yes, hard bodies and inspiration. That’s what I’m saying.

85 Comments on "Bodycon!"

  1. Anonymous says:

    panalo na si tobias tiangco kung definition ng katawan…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow. Casual racism as the punchline. How groundbreaking.

  3. jeremy says:

    I was classmates with Jacob Alava for our intro to PR class. He’s cute but dumb as a rock. Kept reading off the slides during presentations and couldn’t answer any of our prof’s questions.

  4. manuel says:

    “Igorot dude who can afford Gold’s Gym”

    This is such an offensive generalization of the Igorot people and promotes inaccurate stereotypes of their being impoverished uncivilized freaks. Hoping you can revise this, RD.

    • Anonymous says:

      ang pinupunto lang ni RD is may sponsor si igorot dude…wag na tayo mag isip pa ng kung anu anong racism ek ek jan

      • Anonymous says:

        E ba’t kailangan i-specify na Igorot siya, kung yung sponsorship yung punto? Makes it sound like Igorots shouldn’t be able to afford Gold’s Gym, which might be true in some cases, but is really just a sweeping generalization based on his ethnicity. Kailangan natin mag-isip, kasi ano tayo kung di tayo nag-iisip?

      • bachchhala says:

        im not igorot ang yet i was offended. we just want rd to be more sensitive in the future. we’re all fans here of rd, no need to fight

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. Offensive. We know his name, why point out the ethnicity linked with monetary capacity? Madali lang naman mapatawad, revise lang ng words.

      E kung inidentify ang contestant natin sa international pageant na ‘Pinay who can afford a dress?’

      • Daragang Magayon says:

        True, I’m sure maghuramentado sangkabaklaan. Ang hirap sa pinoy, pag ibang tao pinipikon biro lang. Pero oras ma salingin mo away na. Golden rule please!

    • Anonymous says:

      True. But you know guys, mga Igorots are rich di lang nila pinapahalata kasi hindi sila showy of what they have. Lalo yung may taniman ng mga gulay. Pag bumili sila ng mga sasakyan puro cash basis, no need for bank loans. Hindi tulad ng iba jan na puro loan, after few months hinatak na ng bank yung car.

      • Anonymous says:

        korek, kaya hwag silang maliitin
        yung ibang igorot nga, magugulat k pag binubuksan nila mga bag nila
        puro cash ang laman

    • Anonymous says:

      ang nakakatawa pa, as if naman shala ang Gold’s gym. eh barya lang ang membership fee compared sa fitness first at anytime fitness noh. kaya lahat ng equipment bulok!

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree. Was just going to say the same thing. This is insensitive and condescending to the minority. You might think it is a joke and tried to poke fun but it is a bad one.

    • Anonymouse says:

      Lintek na political correctess na yan. Wag masyadong snowflakes

  5. Anonymous says:

    sino sila? share naman link ng videos

  6. Prettybabe231 says:

    ANO DAW? ND KO MAINTINDIHAN SABI NI ATE RD SA POST OF DIS. I mean i wnt if clear to it para mas maintindihan. Da regards to it mga cutey namn ung isa expect da igorot. Hahaha. Kaloka!

  7. Jade Madela says:

    Ang cute ni Anthony Wahl.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jonh yun po! Wag po! Ahhh! Ehhh! Ihhhh! Ohhhh! Uhhhh! Jonh yun po! Sige pa isagad mo!

    Jacob alava! A laaaaaaavvvv you na!

    Putang ina i double fene treshon niyo na aketch! Ang chelep chelep nemen bese ne kepyes ke teley!


  9. ate nora says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA ang shady mo sa igorot dude #IDontKnowHer

  10. Anonymous says:

    Tommy and Wall will be the winners

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sino sponsor ni Igorot
    E mahirap pa sa daga yan bago nag famewhore

  12. Chelsi Smith says:

    How can you go so low?

    RD, we know you personally. You are way better than this.

    If you have an iota of sensitivity and political correctness left in your system, edit that.

    Thank you.

  13. Anonymous says:

    “Igorot dude who can afford Gold’s gym”

    I usually don’t mind your puns and shades whenever you caption your photos because I know they’re for entertainment purposes. But, really, now? For shame!

  14. lmn says:

    Igorot dude who can afford Gold’s Gym – why? LGBTs have been fighting for anti-discrimination and stereotypes, yet some are worst in discriminating and stereotyping

    • Anonymous says:

      Hhahaa feeling sensitive ang isang to. Totoo naman di ba Igorot na kaya mag Golds Gym??
      Ilang Igorot ba kayang mag Golds gym?

      • manuel says:

        You’ve totally missed the point rin. Why the assumption that Igorots don’t have any money? Do you think they workout ba in the jungle or something? Gurl pls.

      • chiminurva queen says:

        There are lots of rich Igorots who can buy Golds Gym in Cash basis pa if you want.

      • Migz says:

        Madami ang makaka-afford ng Gold’s Gym lalo at madaming Igorot ang mayayaman at mas edukado pa sayo.. Ikaw, afford mo kaya?.. RD’s description is really offensive.. Even if he means otherwise, it still comes up as offensive since it generalizes that Igorots are incapable of having gym membership on their own which simply is not the general case..

  15. Anonymous says:

    Anthony WAHL will win this one’so cute and mabait pa

  16. Anonymous says:

    Papost scandal ni Toby Tiangco pls

  17. Anonymous says:

    Pa famewhore naman kasi yung Igorot..ayan !

    • dontme says:

      Pwede nating sabihin na pafame-whore siya pero bibihira ang pafame-whore na Igorot. Ano naman ang masasabi mo sa mga tagalog na pafame-whore na ang dami-dami…

  18. Anonymous says:

    “Igorot dude who can afford Gold’s Gym…”
    Really RD? C’mon now.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Alava is soo cute
    bagets na bagets shet! mukhang alta

  20. Anonymous says:

    I want to suck Anthony Wahl hehehehe

  21. Anonymous says:

    Sino kaya sponsor ng chakang ninja turtle na Igorot na yan????

    • dontme says:

      Sino ka? Ipakita mo mukha mo baka naman mas chaka ka sa Igorot na yan. As if namang walang chakang tagalog. Ang dami-daming chakang pinoy mapa-tagalog/bisaya/igorot o ano pa man jan.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but this is offensive
    im from baguio and im not igorot but wtf there rich

  23. Anonymous says:

    Anthony Wahl whole package

  24. Anonymous says:

    Kakaelya si JC Padilla heheheh

  25. Lurker09 says:

    Sorry RD, off ang humor mo ngayon

  26. Anonymous says:

    Top Three yung mga nasa taas

  27. Anonymous says:

    I love PADILLA, ALAVA and WAHL
    YUN lang

  28. Anonymous says:

    Libog na libog ako dyan kay Tiangco maski chaka lakas ng appeal

  29. Anonymous says:

    Toby Tiangco scandal pls!!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    Man up RD, it is 8PM and you have not edited the post nor gave an apology. Be responsible.

  31. Anonymous says:


  32. Anonymous says:


  33. lmn says:

    There had been a lot of issues about the discrimination done to the people of the Cordilleras or the people often regarded as the “Igorots”. There had been a lot of insulting comments about Igorots by ignorant Filipinos

  34. lmn says:

    and Filipinos are referred to as impoverished pigs and monkeys by other nationalities

    • Ananymous says:

      Agree… so mas maganda kung lahatin natin..
      Filipinos who can afford Golds Gym.
      Haha. If you are a filipino reader who are not offended by this, then ok lang.

  35. Nimfa says:

    Out of line yun comment about the Igorot dude. Tsk tsk tsk

  36. bachchhala says:

    just realized that some people still think being poor is a crime. yeeesh

  37. Dont bring back 90s humor says:

    I never comment, I only read this section. Pero “Igorot dude who can afford a Gold’s gym membership” reeks of bigotry.

    Jeez don’t even try to defend that ignorant statement.

    “Bisaya who can afford DLSU” — not offensive?

    Just redo this whole post dahil madaming maglalabasang mga tonta who will declare that there is nothing wrong with this.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Enves na banggitin mo yung name binanggit mo yung lahi nya na may kasamang aside. How low can you be.

  39. Anonymous says:

    The ‘Igorot’ comment may be off, tactless and downright offensive, depending on how you contextualize it, but one fact remains. This is RD’s blog and he’s not obligated to apologize to his visitors, especially that he’s not earning from us, nor has he signed any binding contract with anyone, with regard to the content and nature of his posts.

    I’m not condoning bigotry nor prejudice, but if you feel offended with the said remark, you have the right to report this blog to the proper authority to have it taken down, or you may simply boycott this site and never visit it again.

    I doubt though if you’re willing to do either.

    • Anonymous says:

      True. Kung di mo gusto ang nababasa mo sa blog, eh di magcomment ka at huwag nang bumisita ulit! Kung makapagdemand ng apology ang mga self righteous na bakla dito kala mo naman shareholders ng Che!

    • Anonymous says:

      True.. besides this site is not really for general public. Parang pumasok ka sa comedy bar. If you can’t handle the heat, get out! Enjoy nalang mga besh!… On the other hand, may nag-sponsor na kaya ng supplements nya? Haha landi!

    • Anonymous says:

      Di nga siya oigated but it is his social responsibility to do the right thing. Only shows character and it is very telling.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anu daw??? Mag expect ba ng social responsibilty sa isang blog na pakita ng pakita ng titi at catering sa kamunduhan ng mga bayotchina??? Patingin ka na sa psych teh! Hindi ito inquirer o rappler para mag expect ka ng social responsibility!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Yes we igorot dont go to the gym but we are born with this body especially those who work in the farm and to those who work in the trading post carrying heavy load of sack of different vegetables

  41. Anonymous says:

    Comment pa more para pasok sa banga 2018 lol

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