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Here’s Brazilian model Deny Barros for some post-summer beach side posing. The 25-year-old hunk from Cuiaba, Mato Grosso has been modeling for quite some time in the Asian region before making a stop in Manila. He has been cast prominently in telecoms ads and top designer shows.
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  1. Undeniably handsome, scorching hot even. I mean look at that body. But he’s not the freshest face out there, especially in the modeling stints. Just my two cents.

  2. Forgettable. Very common. Uninteresting. We have more good looking escorts nesting in Greenbelt and BGC- well, for the right price of course. If you just know where to look.

    This one reminds me of Daniel M. when he first got here. Same look. Same lame.

    -xoxo- ™

  3. Sino ba yang panay ang puna sa kabastusan ni Myrna? Wala pa naman siyang comment. Siraulong bakla.

  4. “Anonymous said…
    Sino ba yang panay ang puna sa kabastusan ni Myrna? Wala pa naman siyang comment. Siraulong bakla.
    Tuesday, 19 June, 2012″


    Wag ka na makialam sa kanila.

  5. sarap ng bulge…he is so like Dany Matsunaga, my ultimate crush…

    New crush ko ito, but still ultimate crush ko pa din c daniel hahaha

  6. My apologies to intrude in this topic (ayan ah nag sorry na ha baka naman may magmamatalinong beki pa kung bakit ko nilagay pa dto yun comment .baka kasi di mabasa eh ). But this comment is intended for “El Brujo”
    PARA tlga naman sa NAGMAMATALINONG FROG na DI KO na DAPAT papatulan at ibaba ang aking pedestal.
    What i commented recently as regards to Jake’s problem was a mere fact. Here’s the complete details. FYI.Jake consulted an EENT physician, apparently my boss, (eto para malinawan ka kung bakit EENT- there are certain diseases that can cause halitosis in your NOse and throat area e.g. sinusitis, GERD. etc) which was negative findings on him. So, what the next step? My boss did an endoscopy which revealed GIT problem… the rest was history… Di ba pwede EENT muna bago Gastroenterologist?
    OK? Beki intinde mo ba? or do i need to expound in your IQ level. hahaha
    Oh ngayon sino ang NG MAMATALINONG PALAKA sa atin? Sino ang SHUNGAW?(I have premonition this would happened)
    Haaay minsan talaga masarap patulan ang lowest caste system.
    Waiting for stupid reply…..

  7. Daisy7 said…
    -xoxo- TM
    Mama saan sa greenbelt ang mga escorts?
    Ano ang bgc?
    Kailangan ko sila. Hahahaha
    BGC = Bonifacio Global City (Taguig)

    Saan sa BGC?

  8. HINDI kaya si MYRNA MALIBOG ang sarili din nyang haters, ngpapangap lang? para makilala at pag usapan sya? Hahahaha di kya may multiple personalities sya?LOL
    sa totoo lng di ko apektado sa comments nya. Di naman mababa EQ ko para patulan pa sya. Pero ngayon feeling ko mababa na din kasi nakikisasaw pa ko sa inyo!
    PLEASE lang para sa haters ni MYRNA
    TAMA NA!. PURO Na NGa kalibugan at non sense ang comments dto at pawang pang aliw lang . TAPOS dadagdagan nyo pa na wlang kakweta kwetang comments… na i-impeach si MYRNA MALIBOG hahahaha

  9. off-topic, pede ba ma-feature ang model ng Nescafe 3-in-1 Chocolatte commercial? ang cute kasi, ang lakas lang ng appeal nung guy. anyone who knows his name?

  10. They usually frequent the A-list bars in Greenbelt. Top pic: NuVo or Zuni. Depends on your type. More mature guys hang out in Barcino.
    BGC has 7th High as the ultimate mecca of hook-ups. The Establishment is your other playground.

    Sure you wanna play their game? They have mastered this sport my dear. Prepare to lose. By that, I meant thousands. 😝

    -xoxo- ™

  11. mukhang ang sarap-sarap tikman ng isang to! makinis at mukhang mabango! fresh pa sya tingin ko at di pa napagsasawaan ng bading!

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