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Sounds like Bologna or boloney, the sausage. Here’s Brazilian model Pedro Mologni for yet another provocative and swimwear-defying shoot for SM Men’s Fashion Summer Collection. The gorgeous hunk is one of the resident male mods of the department store. Hawt!
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  1. Talo na ba talaga pinoy? Nung una, mestiso lang. . . Ngayon foreigner na talaga. . . Bibili naman ako sa es em kung pinoy ang nakikita ko sa mga in store billboards ah.

  2. Brazil, especially Rio de Janeiro, is a fave destination of gays in the US. Sao Paolo is not bad either but Rio is far more interesting, and the Cariocas are slightly cheaper. I had been to Rio many times(once in Sao Paolo)and always had a great time. However, I have never bedded a Japanese/Brazilian so I’ve no idea if they are hung. LOL

  3. BTW, Filipinos do not need a visa to visit Brazil. As an American citizen I do need one. I encourage you guys to visit this beautiful country. You will all come back to your country with a smile from ear to ear. Hahaha

  4. I have seen a brazilian model that was leaving near greenbelt i think they wer house in. They wer high or drunk!

  5. Mama K.C. of S.M. really has the hots for south american boys. boylet nya now ay taga Ecuador na lagi kasama. mabangis! hahaha!

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