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Indeed he is! Marlon Stockinger is the type you would bring home to momma: sweet with cuter-than-cute boy-next-door good looks . Yet somebody beat us to the punch, and all we could do for now is gaze in awe at such a fine young man. A little shirtlessness would do for now.

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    1. yes. usually hindi katangkaran ang race car drivers. maybe dahil din sa liit nung space inside the car. he has a stocky built na i dont personally like pero ang ganda ng chest nya at ang FACE..super gwapo..the type na walang bad angle at walang pwede magsabi na pangit sya. mas maganda sya kaysa kay Pia

      1. Mas bagay sa kanya yung Husband ni Joey Mead na trans si Angelina King. EH d ba mahilig rin sa cars si Angelina formerly Ian King.

    1. Pano naging supot sa pilipinas lumaki yan. Pinoy mga pinsan nyan im sure nag pa tuli din yan! Porket swiss ang tatay supot na.

    1. Yeah, obvious agree, he is obviously uncut. He was grew in Switzerland. Switzerland never practice that idiot culture. But still, indio boys are the majority of uncut boys in the Philippines.

      1. What is your source chamrro? Are you sure coz we can sue you for slander? He grew up in the Philippines, he said that in Jessicca Soho’s program so mist likely he is circumcised just his Filipino cousins and friends! Leche kang chamorro ka!

      2. Even if use google you will read there that he”grew up inthe Philippines until he was 17″ get your facts right chamorro from the lad of thieves!

      3. Ano pa ginagawa nito dito. Naghahanap ng titi tapos tatawaging idiot culture yung pagtutuli. Sino ba pede pa-ban tong bobong to sa site. Nakakainit ng ulo mga post nito palagi

  1. naku maliit burat neto for sure si Girl bitin kasi maluwag n ang “race track” may nauna nang Hummer kumpara sa mini cooper ni Marlon hahahha

  2. He looks younger than his age! Looking at him and not knowing who he is you would assume he is 17! And Pia looks older than her age. Good luck. Hahaha

  3. crush ko to noon pa. swerte ng haliparot na Pia na yan! pag Miss U ka talagalahat ng gusto mong lalake makukuha mo.

  4. I met this dude already, formal-mannered-sophisticated-educated and well bred. He’s quite short, 5’6″-7″ ata, but even he is short, he’s under CalCarrie Model Management, mostly print-ad at di Ramp, though he looks big in pictures. Filthy rich family neto, hindi luge c Pia, at super big at beautiful na house nila, family oriented pa… bff xa ni Matteo G., he is a RK (Rich Kd)

      1. Nope, waley Teh, same reason napaYES xa ng CalCarrie Agency kc hindi gay ang Manager/Handler dito kung di babae. Rumors has it na Walang Nabababoy or Nabubugaw na talent-model pag under ka sa CalCarrie…

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