Boys in Skivvies

We were so accustomed to the BenchBody models of late that we forgot all about the cute Penshoppe underwear models. They had the fine likes of Daniel Diniz, Gabriel Riccieri and Emilio Perez. You’ve seen the droolworthy photos and it suddenly gets to me: Why haven’t I posted about them any sooner? Here is my attempt at correcting the matter.

61 thoughts on “Boys in Skivvies”

  1. they look more classy than the bench boy models who are either paminta, kolbam, struggling starlets and other wanna-bes … pls feature more of the penshoppe boys, rd! thanks.

      1. Pietro Bosselli is even gay, he even attended and made love with a lot of gays in gay parades worldwide, Yung gf front2 niya lang yan

          1. of course tingnan mo mga pics niya making out with her fellow gays worldwide kalat na kalat, walang straight na lalaki na aatend ng iba’t-ibang gay parade festival sa buong mundo LOL!

            1. Meron. Sorry, I’m a member of an ally network here abroad and we have straight allies. This world is not shallow as you think. I assume you’re a member of LGBTQIA as well so why assume? It’s never okay to assume.

    1. Isa na namang #Jejemon at #Jologs na beki with the pseudonym “alen”.

      Tsk3 Padami ng padami talaga mga basura.

  2. Iba kasi ang approach ng penshope medyo wholesome, like sa mga models, kendal, lucky bluesmith, dara, mario maurer, cameron etc…mostly teens and young adults ang target. Fumofucose talaga sila sa marketing strategy ng garments na hindi na sasapawan ng hype ng models nila unlike bench na medyo iba ang approach.

  3. jusko…ang sasarap nman ng mga lalakeng to. Materyales fuertes, kumbaga sa isda, pink salmon from the atlantic ocean tlga… nakakaelya mga bukol nila,naglalaway ako

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