Hot Men in the Philippines

Boys with Sunnies

The look of summer for boys would have to be this. Shirtless in brightly colored shorts. With sunnies. Plus the mandatory accessory: abs and more abs.  Like these boys, all tanned and ready for the sun and sea. From left: Benjamin Alves, Hideo Muraoka, JC Tiuseco and Brent Javier. And the eternal question: Who’s your boy?
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  1. Puede bang lahat? Pero kung kelangan talaga pumili – JC Tioseco, Hideo Muraoka, Brent Javier and Benjamin Alves, in that order.

  2. si ricky davao ba bading? paano kaya naging bading yun? alam kaya ni jackie lou? dito ko lang nalaman yan a…any gossip about him?

  3. all of the above! hahaha susubo ko si bejamin then papatira ko kay hideo habang dyakolin ko left and right si brent at JC hahaha.. then rotation! lol

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