Breakout: Jon Mullally

This would have to be our KitKat post, the let-us-take-a-break-from-careless-naked-boys moment. Jon Mullally is 6’1″ lean, trim and weighing 175 lbs. He used to be the Century Tuna Image Model, getting the deal after surviving a model search held in Boracay Islands last year. Jon was formerly a banker in London before moving here to do some modeling [I presume without being too cocky about it: Modeling is way more lucrative than say, banking.]. Jonathan Mullally, recently seen as the yellow-bikini-clad cover of gay Icon pulp, is half-Irish and half-Filipino.

2 thoughts on “Breakout: Jon Mullally”

  1. FYI, Jon Mullaly may be half-Irish but he never grew up nor worked in the UK. Like Andrew Wolfe he told people with a fairly passable British accent (as opposed to Andrew’s Filipino-high-class-english-accent)
    that he’s a foreign-born individual with Filipino blood.

    Btw, I haven’t seen you much at the gym lately! 🙂

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